Where does a family get help if
their home is destroyed?

Fire Strikes Suddenly

During a house fire, adults and children must leave a burning home without hesitation. They must leave behind all material possessions. During this time, food, clothing, coats, shoes, and a place to sleep are immediate needs of fire victims.

The Boise Firefighters Burnout Fund was established October 7, 1964 by Boise Firefighters Local Union members during Fire Prevention Week. The Boise Firefighters Burnout Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit function of the Boise Firefighters Local 149 and offers assistance to families whose homes are destroyed by fire.

Our Mission & Beliefs

About us

The Missions of the Boise Firefighters Local 149 Burnout Fund is to provide immediate informational and financial assistance to families and individuals who are impacted by fire and other disasters in the city of Boise.

  • We assist families and individuals
  • We create a safety net
  • We partner with local agencies to increase victims benefits
  • We offer financial assistance to families affected by the tragedy of fire damage
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Actions speak louder than words 


We are Creating Changes:

Because We Can

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Boise Firefighters Burnout Fund