Victim Testimonials

As a non profit organization, we have made it our mission to help those who have been affected by fire damage. Having assisted the people who have given these victim testimonials, we have seen the true power of how donations can make a positive impact in the lives of others.

We keep our victim testimonials anonymous. We are always open to hearing your personal testimony if we have been able to help you and your family in your time of ultimate need.

Thank you so very much for your compassion, service and thoughtfulness. Our family suffered a large home & garage fire on the night of June 26th. While we were navigating the flood of emotions your service & staff were great at getting our minds, hearts and priorities put in order. We used the money in the following days to get the necessities to get us back on track. I am happy to report we are doing well, looking forward and getting everything back into place. Thank you again. You all helped us more than you will know.

Home Fire VictimBoise, ID

I thank you so much for helping me out. 9/27 was a very terrible day. You were such a huge support that day at Alderbury. You made things easier and I appreciate it very much. Also taking the time to check on me after that day. You and the Burnout Fund are truly a huge help. THANK YOU!!!

Home Fire VictimBoise, ID

Can't thank you enough for the generous help of the Burnout Fund after the fire. the community is very lucky to have this group. Thanks Again-

Home Fire VictimBoise, ID

Words don't begin to express my thanks to you and the generosity of the Burnout Fund. The overwhelming generosity of both you and the others associated with the fund was unexpected and so extremely appreciated. Your kindness shown at such a traumatic time was humbling. Thank you for your time and willingness to spend the extra time working with the doctors. Thank you, Thank you. Please extend my gratitude to all involved, I will forever be grateful for all you did.

Home Fire VictimBoise, ID

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Letter from a local fire victim

Chief Doan,

This year, my wife and I experienced a fire at our home. We still can’t believe this happened, but we were amazed by the response of your firemen and assisting agencies. Your men arrived quickly and began the job of putting out the fire. the primary truck was Engine 6 led by Captain Brent Ho and Battalion Chief Greg Ramey.

We could not find our 14 week old springer spaniel puppy “Bozz” and informed the firemen of that. Your brave team searched for and found “Bozz” under a bed upstairs. It was an emotional moment when firemen Lane Hillard, assisted by Michael Menlove, came out of the house with “Bozz” safely cradled to his chest.

We are so grateful for the quick and professional response of your department. This is truly something one never thinks will happen to them, but we have now experienced the tragedy and devastation of fire. The solace in all this is that your men saved most of our home and out pets life. I can’t say thank you enough.

We can’t close this letter without mentioning the outstanding manner in which assisting agencies (meridian Fire and eagle Fire) worked with Boise Fire to get things quickly under control. It was apparent that all of these agencies have trained and worked hard together to get the best results possible when something like this occurs.

We often see firemen in different locations for you Burnout Fund. Your men offered us assistance from that fund several times that day. We have been fortunate enough to not need to accept that offer, but we know others who experience a fire may not be in that situation. Words can only begin to convey our appreciation for all that your department has done. Therefore, we are making a contribution to your Burnout Fund, included with this letter.